Signature Exteriors Is Your Soffit and Fascia Solution

We are soffit and fascia experts! Soffits are designed to vent the lower attic of your home while fascia holds soffits in place and completes the face of your roofline. Aluminum soffits and fascia are maintenance and rot-free. The baked-on, fade-resistant coatings are available in numerous colours to match your trim and siding.

Homes built before aluminum was used for soffit and fascia, used plywood to vent the lower attic. This offered poor venting for attics. Aluminum soffits are perforated, providing airflow while keeping insects out.

We offer Saskatoon and area homeowners various sizes and thickness as well as vented, partially vented and solid panels to finish off your home.


Benefits of Aluminum Soffit & Fascia

  • Aluminum is strong and rigid, yet light
  • Never rusts, splits or warps
  • Covered in a durable, blister-free finish that never needs painting
  • Recycled/recyclable environmentally-friendly material
  • Designed to protect the underlying eave structure from damaging effects of sun, rain, ice & snow
  • Vented Soffit allows outside air to circulate into attic preventing heat and moisture from building up, reducing the likelihood of mould, rot and ice damage and increasing the efficiency of heating and air conditioning