Vinyl Fencing Is A Lot Less Work

Say NO to peeling and cracking paint, rotting wood and extreme weather that beats up your fence. A premium vinyl (PVC) fence from Signature Exteriors will offer you years of privacy while always looking as good as the day it was installed with very little maintenance.

No more painting or staining every few years just to have a fence that looks as good as the day it was installed. Replace your fence today with a vinyl fence and NEVER paint again!


Benefits of Vinyl/PVC

  • Low maintenance – With a hose and water, this fence will always look amazing for a long, long time.
  • Will not rot – Vinyl/PVC is made of plastic making it waterproof. Moisture will not break down your fence over time.
  • Never paint again – Don’t waste time and money on painting your fence every few years. Vinyl will not chip, crack or fade like paint.

Fence Styles

  • Privacy Fence – Our most popular option. It provides safety and privacy for your family and a shelter from the wind.
  • Semi-Privacy Fence – Providing a level of privacy while being a “good neighbour fence”.
  • Picket Fence – A great fence for that timeless traditional-look that increases curb appeal.
  • Pool Fence – Keep your family and pets safe while having a fence that is moisture and rot resistant.
  • Ranch Fence – The perfect choice for acreages, farms, ranches and cottages.

Options & Accessories

  • Colours – Choose from white, tan, grey or premium woodgrain.
  • Styles – Five main styles to choose from: Privacy, Semi-privacy, Picket, Pool and Ranch.
  • Sizes – Height and width options allows for numerous applications.
  • Gates – Improve your fence with easy swing gates and adjustable hinges.
  • Post & picket caps – Various styles to choose from: Internatl or External Flat Cap, New England, Gothic or Dog Ear

For full details on our premium Vinyl Fencing Products available to Saskatoon and central Saskatchewan, please visit our supplier’s website.