Hardie Siding Is Perfect For Weather Like This

James Hardie cement fibre siding is perfect for our Saskatchewan climate. It holds true during our harsh winters and blistering summers. Hardie Siding has many advantages over vinyl or wood siding. Perhaps the greatest of all is its fire resistance. In fact, it’s resistant to most of what mother nature can throw its way!

Signature Exteriors provides James Hardie Siding installation in Saskatoon and surrounding area. We provide clients with a long-lasting product that will extend the life of any home. Below is a benefit comparison over other methods of exterior cladding.

Benefit Comparison between James Hardie, Vinyl & Wood Siding

Benefit comparison between cement fibre siding and vinyl & wood siding

Products are evolving and improving all the time. For the most up-to-date products visit James Hardie’s website.